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KlausTech Inc. is a provider of digital marketing technology, licensing and related solutions and services. Our experienced team provides advertisers and publishers with online tools which generate maximum return on ad spending, reach customers globally and Build brand awareness and loyalty.


KlausTech’s patented AdCastPlus represents
the next dimension of
online advertising.
Our technology allows
advertisers to maximize
an ad's reach and


Monetizing advertising has never been easier. KlausTech's software allows clients to access any website and control how long consumers are exposed to the
You can even
pause the ad ...


Our technology translates
directly onto any mobile platform.
This allows developers of
mobile applications to monetize
their intellectual property in a
way that has not been
possible until now.


The ACP™ solution is a unique marketing enabler that matches the advertising industry current needs of reinforcing the strategic positioning of the display advertising, a core resource of Publishers and Brand advertisers. KlausTech technology de-couples the ad delivery logic from the browsing activities. Online ads can be served in a non scrollable frame, in timed increments without requiring a page refresh or a new page. Depending on how long the web visitor is on the web page this can multiply the number of highly premium ad inventory delivered by a factor of 10 without an increase in web traffic. This means new premium revenue stream for the web publishers and better customer engagement for the advertiser. It is a unique advertising time base solution capable of providing the same ad accountability given by the traditional media.

AdCastPlus is the only patented advertising tool that provides a non-scrollable, time-controllable, TV styled online advertising solution that can include video and sound, rich media as well as standard sized IAB formats. Ads can be delivered in almost any shape or size and can include any combination of video, stills, sounds and animations. The timed delivery technology ensures that each ad is in view for the allotted time. AdCastPlus controls the part of the webpage or application where the ad is shown.

The AdCastPlus 2.6 release has been currently delivered to the market introducing an advanced planning engine and reporting tool capable of measuring the ad exposure to unique users. The introduction of the time dimension to the online display advertising is the core market differentiator since switches the delivery attention from the display of ads to the reach and frequency of audiences. AdCastPlus system technology covers the deployment of specific integrated solutions tailored on publishers ad servers environments as well as a dedicated in house ASP full planning and delivery service. Publishers and Advertisers can optimize a “non scrollable” ad space/content location on the browser displaying “timed” ads or content also when on mobile phones or on IPTV. Advertising “TV” type purchase modules and metrics are now possible and online campaigns can be evaluated on the basis of “timed” ad impressions and not on simply “ad-served” impression using GRP’s that are calculated by measurement companies and media planning software’s already available in the market.

AdCastPlus main features:

  • The ad stays on screen for the length of time specified by the advertiser
  • The ads stays on screen even if the users scroll down or changes the pages.
  • Consumers interact with the ad for its full duration making it fully accountable
  • The ad can be created using any combination of video, stills, sounds, and animations
  • Compatible with standard internet advertising, AdCastPlus fully supports IAB standards in ad size, format, and accounting methodology.
  • it builds a “new” premium ad inventory basin without the need of:
    - increase page impressions or traffic
    - covering-occupying valuable content areas
  • publishers can control where the ads are placed on the basis of the editorial page and browser-screen settings
  • campaigns can be compatible with existing ads and campaign
  • it introduces to the sales force a new sales competitive product
  • empowers online publishers and mobile platforms to compete for Brand TV budgets campaigns
  • it is cloud based, no expensive system integration is required.
  • Timed delivery and guaranteed accountability, the ad stays on screen for the length of time specified by the advertiser, like TV spot
  • advertisers and agencies can plan online campaigns using the offline metrics
  • advertisers will be able to monitor their online spending and generate a campaign evaluation in a more homogenous way using same TV metrics, GRP’s
  • Gtime and day bookings (like on TV) using same planning calendar
  • AdCastPLUS is fully compatible with standard IAB formats and accounting methodology

Monetize the time consumption of the users

  • Increase premium ad inventory always above the fold without the need of:
    - increase page impressions or traffic
    - covering/occupying valuable content areas
  • placement control – Publisher can control where the new delivery location is positioned on the basis of the targeted page and browser-screen settings.
  • compatible with existing Ads, Rich media or text links
  • introduce a new marketing online product for the sales team so to support high ecpm sales leveraging on audience performance metrics and not just clicks
  • compete for Brand TV budgets campaigns
  • replace-eliminate unsold ad-spaces with more relevant content
  • Increase the advertisers ad impressions purchase intent towards the current Video Ad market demand.

AdCastPlus introduces a new advertising online Premium product for Sales house.
With AdCastPlus the Sales team can sell premium Ad inventory always above the fold without the need of:
- increase page impressions or traffic of the site
- covering/occupying valuable content areas of the site
Offline metrics - The Sales house will be able to monitor the online spending and generate a campaign evaluation in a more homogenous way using same TV metrics (as GRP’s)
Easy to manage and to maintain - The AdCastPlus management interface provides a complete view with administration controls for system status, current load, delivery trends, reporting, optimization and a lot more
Low server load - AdCastPlus make use of a patented delivery technology that minimizes load and bandwidth requirements
Open Source - AdCastPlus uses top-of-the-line open source products to lower development and maintenance costs
A technical team will be constantly supporting the planner and traffic manager when preparing the campaigns, reports and maximizing the overall branding performances.


An ISP embedded solution secures the Telco 100% of the time spent when the subscribers are connected online through their proprietary access points. The online advertising market share of the Telco will be economically proportioned to the total amount of time the subscribers spend on the web when accessing the internet and not just upon the time spent on proprietary or controlled websites. When accessing the web, the user will be accompanied by the ACP™ area that is triggered not by the publishers page but by the Telco’s distribution servers. By doing so the Telco will be able to offer convenient broadband subscription packages that will increase the customer’s base and ARPU, targeting a significant quota of the overall advertising market share. The Telco’s could also proactively engage with the broad band subscribers by distributing-sharing the revenues generated when adopting an advertising revenue distribution model with the end consumer. Provided that the Telco’s data collection system matches all privacy constraints, behavioral or prediction based targeting advertising campaigns can also be delivered when using the ACP™ area, justifying to advertisers and agencies an even higher premium cpm.