Company Statement

We Create NEW Advertising

KlausTech, Inc. and its management team have been working for over ten years to create a platform which would revolutionize traditional online advertising as you know it. The internet more closely resembles your nightly news television program than it does your daily newspaper. So why do publishers and advertisers continue to treat online advertising like print media? KlausTech, Inc. has begun to change this, and transition online advertising toward the television model. Our mission is to provide top-of-the-line services and technology that allow our clients expanded access to consumers while providing consumers access to their websites without being bogged down by intrusive advertising.

Our efforts over the past four years have been directly aimed toward our re-entry into the market in the United States. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to offering the most dynamic advertising solutions to our clients, including publishers, advertisers, media companies, mobile carriers, cable/internet service providers, and others.

AdCastPlus, our unique patented technology has been an important component of our company’s strategy since its invention in 1998. Our team has spent more than a decade and upwards of $25 million engineering a way for advertising to keep up with the light-speed evolution of the internet. Over the last four years, KlausTech has focused on individual markets within Europe and Asia. We have partnered with our clients there to provide a tangible increase in the monetization of those companies’current advertising strategies. In India, we’ve provided a software solution that has transformed cable TV modems into an instant network with direct access to millions of consumers. After several years of re-strengthening our brand presence and expanding our footprint in the international marketplace we are poised for a rebirth in the United States marketplace.

Over the years the internet has morphed into an interactive market place with an ever-growing number of savvy participants. Our proprietary unique patented technology provides a way to bring together these participants like never before:

  • Publishers can earn more advertising revenue without sacrificing viewer interaction with site content
  • Advertisers now have the ability to control ad spending based on guaranteed exposure to their products
  • Media Companies have a dynamic advertising solution that applies to all of their clients
  • Consumers can interact with their favorite brands without losing access to content on their favorite sites

We are based in Plano, Texas and have offices in London and Rome.